Meandering Towards Somewhere Special

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It has been 31 days since my last blog post.   Why?

  • The time and energy I typically use to blog in the evenings was burned through by a new project role.  It’s interesting work and a great opportunity, so that’s okay.
  • I temporarily transferred to a different department at work pertaining to the new project role.  New desk, new people, different hours.
  • I recently began receiving personal and professional coaching which required lots of self-reflection and analysis.

I needed a break.

As a mentor recently told me, people can generally handle two major changes in a relatively short period of time.  Change number three is usually a tipping point, and for some, a breaking point.

I was bent, not broken.  It took me a few weeks to straighten some things out.

Now I’m back. 

As I pondered my social media presence, I had mostly self-criticism and second guesses.  Am I sharing enough with my followers?  Do I have enough followers?  If I shared more, would I have more?

Then I opened my email to this timely post from Seth Godin on the 5 behaviors that lead to disappointment.

Big dreams: The goal isn’t consistent impact or meaningful work, it’s a huge hit, the star turn and the ability to change the world. It wouldn’t be enough to have 1000 true fans, the big dreamer wants a stadiumful in every town.

Poor work habits: Flitting from project to project, waiting for inspiration to arrive, stalling, not taking lessons, repeating the same early steps over and over…

Shortcut seeking: Why bother with the long route when you can find a shorter, faster path? Get-rich-quick schemes, insider access and the quest to get it right now.

Lottery thinking: This is a variation of shortcut thinking, but it involves getting picked. One person, one organization, one Wizard of Oz who will magically make it all happen.

Lack of self-awareness: The self-delusion that your stuff is in fact world-class, and that the critics, all of them that you’ve managed to interrupt, are wrong.

Just for kicks, imagine someone who embraces the opposite of all five of these behaviors. Someone focused on doing the work, her work, relentlessly getting better, shipping it, racking up small wins and earning one fan at a time. And doing it all with a trained eye on what it means to do it better.

For the past two years, I have been meandering towards somewhere special with my blogs.  I am refocused on doing the work, racking up the small wins and earning one fan at a time.  Thanks for joining me on my journey.

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