Motivation Monday: Honor the Calling

Elle Luna shared her journey from ‘Should’ to ‘Must’ and how she began living her calling as life and career.  There’s much to learn from her story. Here’s her advice on what you can do today:


“If you believe that you have something special inside of you, and you feel it’s about time you gave it a shot, honor that calling in some small way — today.

If you feel a knot in your stomach because you can see the enormous distance between your dreams and your daily reality, do one thing to tighten your grip on what you want — today.

If you’ve been peering out over the edge of the cliff but can’t quite make the leap, dig a little deeper and find out what’s stopping you — today.

Because there is a recurring choice in life, and it occurs at the intersection of two roads. We arrive at this place again and again. And today, you get to choose.”

My writing is part of my dream and I’ve started with a bit everyday.  Solitude, focus and consistency works for me.

What’s your key to progress?



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  1. Sherry, compliments great article!!

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