Book List: Never Go Back

dr henry cloud

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew how to avoid common pitfalls to success?

In Dr. Henry Cloud’s new book, “Never Go Back, 10 Things You’ll Never Do Again!”, he explains some of the key behaviors that are consistent amongst successful people. 

book - never go back

I attended a webinar preview on Tuesday, June 3d where Dr. Cloud discussed NEVER….

  1. Returning to What Hasn’t Worked
  2. Doing Anything That Requires You to Be Someone You’re Not
  3. Trying To Change Another Person
  4. Believing That You Can Please Everyone
  5. Choosing Short-Term Comfort over Long-Term Benefit
  6. Trusting Someone or Something to be Flawless
  7. Taking Your Eyes Off the Big Picture
  8. Neglecting to Do Due Diligence
  9. Failing to Ask Why You Are Where You Are
  10. Forgetting That Your Inner Life Determines Your Outer Success

Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago. — Bernard Berenson

Most people are familiar with these 5 chapters of life.

Chapter 1: I went for a walk, fell into a hole, it took me a long time to get out.

Chapter 2: I went for a walk, fell into the same hole, it took me a long time to get out.

Chapter 3: I went for a walk, saw the hole, examined it and accidently fell into the hole. It took me a long time to get out.

Chapter 4: I went for a walk, saw the hole and walked around it.

Chapter 5: I went for a walk down another street.

This is the story of most our lives to some degree.

When comparing ourselves to others, especially in terms of success, we are usually looking at a snapshot of someone’s success instead of the whole process.

Successful people see the patterns that cause failure. These lead to a series of awakenings and once they experience these awakenings, they never go back. They realize that a new path needs to be taken and make the change quicker.

The truth is, we do not need new ways to fail. The old ones are working just fine.

Experiences in life in relationships and reaching goals have laid down hardwire patterns which determine how you handle that and go about reaching your goals. The difference is people who stay stuck, don’t think they have patterns, they think they have problems.

If you can recognize and change the pattern, then you can never go back.

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