It’s Not About Me

~Hi, I’m Sherry, and I’m the best third wheel in the world.~

it is not about meWhen I first saw the Youtube video with this opening line, I laughed and shared it on Twitter. How witty I thought. How clever.

And then I paused (as I’ve trained myself to do) and realized that I actually identified with the main character.

I specialize in being the third wheel.  I prefer being the third wheel.  It gives me flexibility and autonomy.  It provides a buffer.

Being just slightly disengaged allows time for me to take photos, post to social media, manage my energy and think about what’s next.   Yeah, I know, it’s not the best of habits but it makes me happy.  So, is it really so wrong?

Last weekend, I was the third wheel among our group at the Chicago gay pride parade.  It was grand!!  I was the photographer, documentarian and group balancer.

While others only see the draw-backs of being singled out, I recognize the value of a truly kick-ass third wheel and I rock at it!!

I don’t just break tension. I remove it!!

Observe yourself.

Know yourself.

Accept yourself.

Enjoy the video.



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