5 Ways to Become a More Honest Liar

“Humans are masters of self-deception. We fool ourselves into believing things that are false and refuse to believe things that are true.” ~Cortney Warren

TEDTalk Cortney Warren

While browsing TEDxTalks, I found this engaging talk by Cortney Warren on the The Psychology of Self-Deception. According to Warren, understanding our self-deception is the best opportunity to live a more fulfilling life, because when we truly understand ourselves, we have the ability to change.



What we learned as children is exemplified in the lies we tell ourselves as adults.  These lies protect our egos and core sense of self.  The best way to chip away at this reflective action is to monitor yourself. Be ever-present and self-aware.

Become an observer of yourself.

  1. When what you say doesn’t match how you act, pause.
  2. When you have an especially strong emotional reaction to something, pause.
  3. When you’re thinking irrational thoughts, pause.
  4. When you’re unresolved about something or someone, pause.
  5. Ask yourself, what does my reaction to this situation say about me?

Self-deception leads to massive amounts of pain and regret. ~ Cortney Warren

As we become more honest and aware, we also become more responsible for our choices.

Not changing when confronted with the truth is a choice.

Although we can’t control many circumstances we encounter in life, we are responsible for our reactions to all of them. Confronting our self-deception is a life-long opportunity. There’s always more to learn. When we accept who we really are, we have the capacity to change. Use the truth to live the most fulfilling life for you. Be more honest liars.


Enjoy the video.


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