Creative Minds: Chris Koo

~Dance, Art and Fashion~

I appreciate all types of creativity.  What a person chooses to excel in is a reflection of their needs, wants and dreams.

Chris Koo achieved a certain level of fame due to a Youtube video in 2013 showing him dancing to Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”. News outlets, the general public and Beyonce herself recognized that his replication of her complex choreography was amazing.

Chris’ talent extends beyond dance to include art and fashion. He left his home in Korea to study abroad at the Pratt School of Art and Design in New York.

chris Kooda Painting

Chris has also been recognized for his fashion styling by the Mr. Porter Global Style blog.

Chris Kooda Fashion

His dedication to dance and precision is clear in the crisp moves.  Just as evident is his enjoyment during each performance.  It’s a gift he shares with his audience. His Beyonce “Crazy In Love” video received millions of views, media coverage and recognition from the diva herself.

Are you honest with yourself about who you are and what you want?  

Are your concerns for social norms and expectations holding you back from pursuing a different career, passion, goal or skill?

Ponder those questions as you watch the video.

Have a great weekend.



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