Self-Deception: Stop With the Little Lies

 ~Part 2 in a Series~

self-harm by devinography

For the past year, I have told the truth when asked “How are you doing?”  If I’m having a good day, I’ll say so.  If not, I’ll share that too.  Sometimes I’ve responded with grunts or growls.  It’s all truth.

Being honest about how I feel is healthy. It keeps me in touch with my feelings and is another way for me to acknowledge and validate my state of mind and emotions.

If you continually lie about how you feel, you will lose your truth.  It will become more and more difficult to discern and accept how you really feel.

Also, who says that the person asking how you are doing wants to hear a lie?  They may be looking for an opportunity to share their truth as well.

So, be generous.  Be brave.  Be authentic.  Be just a little vulnerable and tell someone how you really feel.


Photo credit:  Devin Mitchell of Devinography.

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