Creative Minds: Li Hongbo

~A Herculean Attention to Detail~

There’s much to be said for patience and passion for your work.  This week, was a challenging one. I spent several hours working on a presentation that has been re-worked several times from multiple perspectives.  Prior to that, I probably logged over 16 hours sifting through data.  I may have 3 or 4 assignments per year which require this type of heavy lifting.  But what if that was the norm?  How do you keep your focus and drive?

woman in front of math board

Earlier this week, it occurred to me what I was being carefully managed by my director.  Instead of thinking of a final presentation as our end-goal.  He set the iterations themselves as milestones. As he said, “with each iteration you develop more and more of the story. You can’t begin with a blank slate because people need something to start with.  Expect to scrap what we have and start over.”  And that’s exactly what happened. But it was okay.  I was prepared and expectations were set.  We finished the presentation and along the way, I learned some subtle lessons on leadership and motivation.

My experience reminded me of artist Li Hongbo who creates incredibly detailed, shape-shifting sculptures out of paper.  Li meticulously hand cuts each sculpture to perfection.  But even this genius artist doesn’t begin with a blank slate.  His pieces are based on existing sculptures (as proportion guides) or other artworks.

Li Hongbo

The videos below provide insight into his time extensive creative process.   It will amaze you.

An Intro


Deeper Still….


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  1. definitely hard to be patient esp with projects so time consuming, but sounds like the process was all worthwhile in the end! i keep my drive by writing my end goal and allowing my mind to wander to take mental breaks 🙂


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