Inactive Leadership: This Will Blow Over

despondent sad woman

Seth Godin always provides sharp observations on the most timely topics.  His latest,  “This will blow over” , addresses how people remember their leader’s action or inaction during times of change.  I will go further to say that even if a change is not seen as dire or negative, it should still be addressed.  Any type of significant change (positive or negative), can cause destabilization and stress. This applies to friends, teams and families.

“Your employees notice when you take action. And when you don’t  When a storm hits your company, the instinct is to wait it out, to seek shelter, to work to set an agenda, not to let the outside world set it for you.

And sometimes this works. But even if the storm passes, your employees remember. They remember the standard you’ve set and the way things are around here.

Every time we give someone the employee of the month parking space for perfect compliance, or fire someone for creating a culture of disrespect, we send a message.

Action or inaction are both forms of leadership and standard setting.”


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