Challenging Work Relationships

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This past summer, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to help manage a turnaround project for CPS. By the time myself and a consultant was brought on, the project had languished for several months and needed renewed energy and direction.

CPS hired Pat Carney as the Senior Project Manager. An incredible consultant, Pat is tenacious, brilliant and confident. She’s also first to admit that her straight forward style may be off-putting to some, but no one disputes her results.

I jumped at the chance to work with Pat and get out in the field to challenge myself with a new role. Most of all, I wanted the challenge working with her presented.

Everyday  working with Pat was an exercise in growth. I learned more deeply not to take things personally and to hold my ground when she pushed on certain points. Most importantly, I felt confident in the knowledge that I was working with a leader who expected push-back.

Pat used questioning and challenging as a form of validation to ensure we were reaching the correct conclusions and not taking the path of least resistance. For someone so results driven, having that check and balance can be crucial.

p.s. Thanks again, Pat.


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