The Lure of Transformation

joseph harwood and adore delano

Can you pick out the man in the photo above?

Look again if you need to.  I sure did.

If you guessed the person on the right, you would be right, but only partially.

The person on the left is also a man. Stunning, right?

Joseph Harwood is one of the most amazing practitioners of transformation I have ever seen.

I thought about his power of illusion today as I was dealing with issue after issue.  I desperately, wanted the ability to transform.  It would be awesome to be as beautiful naturally as Joseph is in drag but that’s not what I want.  Well sort of…..but that’s another post all together.

I want the ability to change my thinking and reactions to moments when they occur. Especially times of conflict and stress. Unfortunately, during those moments is when the human brain reverts back to old conditioning, perpetuating cycles and repeating old habits.

Well it’s a new year with plenty of opportunities to gradually transform into the person I want to be. There’s hope for me still.

Photo credit: @JosephHarwood and @AdoreDelano

Here’s one more of Joseph.

Joseph Harwood - black hair


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