Once Upon a Time

black woman in sneakers walking

Once upon a time there were three young women.
Wanda was bold, young and ambitious.
She sped through life and fulfilled her own wishes.
Viv was blazing, vibrant and blissful.
She had a young son and of the future she was most wishful.
The last was Grace. She was soft, loving and true.
Grace enjoyed spreading joy and keeping others from feeling blue.

One day the three of them were brought together for a quest.
To destroy a dragon, one called “Cancer of the Breast”.
Wanda was the first to fall. It happened shortly after Thanksgiving.
Now there were two left in the land of the living.
Viv fought bravely, but she too succumbed to the flame.
Grace was now afraid to call the dragon by name.

So, Grace “the soft” was the last one standing.
For ten years now, she has kept vigil.
Every year, searching for the dragon and scanning for the flame.
Then three days ago, again he came.
“It’s cancer my dear”, the healer softly said.
“I figured as much”, said a voice in her head.

With this news, Grace decided to change.
Moving beyond “the soft”, she is expanding her range.
Steady, strong, resilient and brave.
Grace now has her own life to save.


This post was written in response to a prompt from The Daily Post to write about something that happened this week using the style of a fairy tale.

Once Upon a Time


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