Three Rights vs. One Left

fassbender - a dangerous method

I’m fortunate to have a great director who provides regular coaching as part of our weekly status meetings. After our last meeting, one of his comments kept playing in my head over and over again: “We will not make three right turns in order to go left.”

He said this after I showed him the stack of documentation I was generating as part of a project plan to standardize a critical business process. I explained that I was not trying to be overly accommodating with the departments but was simply performing my due diligence in order to understand their current situation and motivations.

He wasn’t buying it.

fassbender - a dangerous method 4

I was not intentionally trying to deceive my director. What I was experiencing was a subtle form of self-deception being brought to light. See, I actually believed that my motivation was to be thorough, but in actuality the deeper motivation was to avoid conflict.

In trying to avoid conflict, I was leaving myself open to persuasion that would likely lead to deviations from the ultimate objective which is process standardization. By the end of our conversation, I understood.

We will not make three right turns in order to go left.


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