Ego Lust


There are times when I’m flying high; firing on all cylinders, meeting due dates and staying connected.

Then I have to remind myself to be careful not to steamroll barriers. Afterall, you’re most likely to be blind-sided when others have been silenced.

In the words of T.F. Hodge, “the ego lusts for satisfaction. It has a prideful ferocious appetite for its version of “truth”.

Photo:  Karl-Edwin Guerre @guerreisms


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  1. Hi, Sherry. I’m interested to know more about your thoughts when you say, “you’re most likely to be blind-sided when others have been silenced.”

    The part I’m particularly unsure of is the word “silenced.” I more or less understand it when I interpose the word “silent”; but “silenced” is something actively DONE TO another person, and I couldn’t quite make the segue between having a solid and positive run of things in one’s own personal goals, and having had to silence others in order for this to be true.

    • Hi Erik. That is a great question. I was thinking of the times when I’ve observed someone who was feeling so empowered, confident and assured of their point of view that alternative input from others is not given true consideration. If a leader has empowered their staff, then they are likely to speak up and warn about impending doom. If staff have been disempowered, they are more likely to keep quiet and simply whisper “I told you so” when the chips fall.

      I use my blog as a sort of diary. So, it was a reminder to myself to stay engaged and consider other ideas.

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