Delicious Dialogue: When Nietzsche Wept

armand assante

Dr. Breuer:  If your tears had a voice, what would they say?

Nietzsche:  They would say we are free. He never let us out until Dr. Breuer opened the gate.


“When Nietzsche Wept”, is a poetic title. It’s what first grabbed my attention when browsing the Amazon film catalogue. The next was the synopsis: “Based on the bestselling, award-winning novel by Irvin Yalom, “When Nietzsche Wept” tells the story of obsession, a drama of love, fate and will that formed the basis of modern psychoanalysis.”

It is a fascinating film about the treatment of Friedrich Nietzsche who was suffering from severe depression after the rejection of enchantress, Lou Salome, for his best friend. In the film, as in the book, Nietzsche is convinced to take a retreat where he will apply “The Talking Cure” to help a physician solve his own case of despair. In return, Dr. Josef Breuer agreed to treat Nietzsche’s physical ailments due to stress brought on by isolation, which ultimately was the cause of his depression and obsession with Ms. Salome.

The scene where Nietzsche finally weeps is one of the best in the movie.


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