Psychotherapy and Self-Deception – Nowhere to Hide


Lately, my husband has been asking me if I plan to continue my psychotherapy.  So far, my responses have alternated between, “Yes. Though, I’m not sure if I need it. Or, “Sure, just as soon as I can make another appointment.”  But in reality I don’t want to and here’s why.

Therapy is heavy lifting.  

Heaving lifting is hard when you’re already tired.

This morning, I was reminded of a TEDxTalk that inspired me to confront some deep-rooted self-deceptive behaviors.  These closing comments from Dr. Cortney Warren’s talk on the Psychology of Self-Deception have inspired me to continue my therapy:

“One of the best ways to confront our self-deception is psychotherapy. It is probably the only relationship that you will ever have in your entire life that exists solely to benefit you. Yet, a great deal of stigma exists around therapy. People frequently say things like, “I don’t need therapy. It’s only for crazy or weak people who can’t help themselves.”

The truth is, it takes tremendous courage to be completely vulnerable to another human being. Therapy is truly a gift if you are courageous enough to accept it.

Confronting our self-deception is a lifelong journey. We change and the world offers us new opportunities to understand ourselves.

There is always more to learn.”

Now all I have to do is make that phone call.


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