Gain Stability With Self Love

ladydork namaste by worldtravelingq

“Our biggest struggle and battle in life is within ourselves. It’s easier for us to love, encourage, support and believe in others than it is for ourselves. We have a problem with accepting and loving who we are. We much rather pick out our flaws than see the beauty within us.

A wise man once told me that you should love yourself unconditionally first before you love someone else. Your love for yourself should be enough to keep you happy and at peace. So that when you decide to share your love with someone and they hurt you, you won’t be disappointed. Because the love you had for yourself was enough to keep you happy.

Your happiness depends on you not others. Happiness is a choice made by you, and ONLY you.”

Sanàa @LadyDork

Photo Credit:  @Worldtravelingq


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