Delicious Dialogue: Portrait of Dorian Grey #2

portrait of dorian grey 3

Here’s dialogue from one of my favorite scenes of Dorian Grey (2009) starring Colin Firth as Lord Henry Wotton and Ben Barnes as Dorian Grey.

Emily: I hope I’m not interrupting your reminiscence.

Harry: The one charm of the past s that it’s the past.

Emily: Hope you’re not also a dreary old cynic.

Dorian: What is there to believe in?

Emily:  Our Developments.

Dorian: All I see is decay.

Emily: Well, then religion.

Dorian: Passable substitute for belief.

Emily: Art.

Dorian: A malady.

Emily: Love

Dorian: An illusion.

Harry: Bravo

Emily:  Well, you both cut the world to pieces don’t you.





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