Self-Love: We All End Up in the Same Place

nayitavp on the beach

Naya Rapport is a yogi,photographer and entrepreneur with a huge following on Instagram. I often use her photos in my blog posts. On this particular day, she allowed her heart to come across even more than usual in an inspiring post:

“Self love. I can’t really explain to you how important this is. When I was about 17 years old (SIX YEARS ago) I went to some get together and I was wearing a mini skirt. I was having a great time, socializing with everyone and just being happy. A friend walked up and whispered in my ear “girl, you have cellulite all over your legs… All the boys are talking about it.” The way she said it was like… I should be ashamed or something. These words were hurtful, even if true… Couldn’t she find another way to tell me or say it nicely? LOL!

I guess the truth hurts. I’m pretty sure I died in that moment and from then on I started wearing pants/jeans. I felt really insecure about my legs for a while. I started working out a little here and there (nothing really serious), but I did cut back on fried foods and stuff (empanadas, mofongo all that spanish stuff) . Six years later I still have some cellulite but the difference is that I don’t give a fuck anymore because I love every inch of my body… Don’t let anyone tell you what to change, do, wear and how to act. This is your body/life. If you are genuinely HAPPY the way YOU are and you aren’t hurting people around you then go to that fetish party, Cosplay event, Star Wars convention, bird calling club … I don’t know. Just live your damn life because in the end… We all end up in the same place.”

nayitavp in gold

Photos: Naya Rapport, @nayitavp


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