Yoga in the Snow: Laura Skyora

I know the snow has melted in most parts of the U.S., but I’m still fond of the yoga in the snow photos of Laura Skyora.

wpid-laurasykora_9e949f4abf52c99f127763b5f7790e2a143f04d9.jpg wpid-laurasykora_768b671593f947644266ead40d623e68cc2bb117.jpg wpid-laurasykora_e8c2a7ad7dbcd96f551194b7f129ba880984a1e2.jpg wpid-laurasykora_7f48f7720235e7b07b1933277fef9f32b6a3dcc2.jpg wpid-laurasykora_09373ffbfd8f26b6a571a65487215799f82e32a6.jpg wpid-laurasykora_fb93683d9703a0ccfcdcc35b5d0a92c19fededda.jpg


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