The Homestretch Documentary on WTTW Tonight!

Don’t miss The Homestretch, which features TLP and two TLP clients, on PBS’s Independent Lens tonight Monday, April 13!

If you follow this blog, then you know I am passionate about causes that support women, children and families. Especially, homeless teens.  I have been involved with Teen Living Programs (TLP) for the past four years.  TLP is an innovative and loving family of staff, volunteers and donors working hard to change the reality of homeless youth in Chicago.  Through our thought leadership and participation in policy initiatives, we seek to have a national impact. As our tag line says, we offer home, hope and endless possibilities.

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On any given night in Chicago, over 2,000 youth don’t have a safe and stable place to call home. Some are escaping family conflict, abusive situations, or neighborhood violence; others have been kicked out because of their sexual orientation or for becoming pregnant. All are struggling with the trauma of homelessness, abandonment, and violence during the already challenging period of adolescence.

Tune in to Channel 11 tonight at 9pm CST and learn more about teen homelessness in Chicago and what you can do to help.

Visit the TLP website to sign-up for the mailing list and learn about upcoming events.  There are many ways to become involved.  It’s up to you to decide which treasure you would like to share:  time, money, skills, resources, etc.

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