Saturday with David

My friend David can always be relied on to provide some quality fun time. This Saturday, we decided to have brunch and spend a few hours at Comic Con Chicago. I was excited by the idea of seeing a few actors from SciFi shows and gawk at regular folks in elaborate costumes.  Heck, I just like saying the word “cosplay“.


David is usually sneaking selfies of me when I’m not paying attention.  One day I need to confiscate his phone to see how many photos he has of me stored on his phone.


Comic Con provided a cool app that sent regular updates to my phone along with a schedule of panel discussions.  I was looking for the Kick-Ass Women of S.H.I.E.L.D.  As you can see from my expression, it was a very serious endeavor.


When I wasn’t checking my phone for the next cool event, I was checking the Starbucks menu for the next beverage. Traversing the McCormick Place exhibition hall and waiting in lines took caffeine — lots and lots of caffeine.


David was at it again.  Taking photos when I wasn’t paying attention.


But seriously, where’s my coffee?


We never made it in to see the Kick-Ass Women of S.H.I.E.L.D panel discussion. There were over 200 people ahead of us.


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