Freedom Friday: Are You Brave Enough to Live Your Fantasy?

Just imagine if you really wanted to play dress-up in public and could care less what anyone else thought? Here’s what that could look like.

Here’s a recap of the conversation between David and I when he asked about my ideal cosplay character:

David: Who would you choose as a character for ComicCon?

Me:  Pheonix from X-Men

David:  You do realize that you chose the destructive Pheonix and not the loving and caring Dr. Jean Grey, don’t you?

Me:  Yes.

David:  Hmmmmmm


Here’s a few of my favorite Pheonix photos from X-Men Last Standing.


pheonix and wolverine 2

pheonix and wolverine


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  1. Hi Sherry 🙂 Love your blog!

    I came across an entry you wrote last year about Life Goals University. I was looking at the book and was interested in doing the course but it seems some have had trouble with it … and it might not even exist anymore.

    Is it worth me continuing to pursue??

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