How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over: 5 Tips

mel robbins

While browsing my TEDTalk YouTube feed this Sunday, I found an inspiring and entertaining talk by Mel Robbins on how we can stop screwing ourselves over.  Robbins’ offers some straight-forward advice on how to become unstuck.

Here are the five key points I took away from Robbins’ talk:

mel robbins 3

  1. Stop waiting to “feel like” making the change. That feeling is never going to come. It’s counter-intuitive to our habit craving human nature and the force required to make change.
  2. Our brains prefer auto-pilot and being presented with change often causes us to shift into high alert. The more you practice taking action, the easier it will become to move past this phase to engage new actions needed for change.
  3. Take some physical action to act on a new idea within the first 5-seconds. This could be as simple as writing a note or drafting a text to yourself.
  4. Stop using the snooze button.  Start your day on the first alarm.
  5. Stop feeling guilty about what you have not done.  It does not help.  If anything, it just generates more negative self-talk and avoidance.

Now, enjoy the Robbin’s talk and let me know what you think.


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