The Secret to Speaking with Confidence

caroline goyder 1

Vocal Coach, Caroline Goyder is convinced that we can all find more confidence within ourselves if we just knew where to look.  Here are her three tips on finding confidence during public speaking:

  1. The voice is the most amazing instrument. This means that it’s a tool you can learn how to use better. You can practice to achieve a great sound. Singing is the way to a great voice. Practice is the way to a great instrument.
  2. The diaphragm is the key to regulating your system. It’s the key to calming your system.  You can tell the most confident person in the room because they have the most relaxed breathing pattern. The diaphragm is the king of confidence.
  3. We breathe our thoughts.  All in-breath is thought.  Speech and song is out breath. You can control your breath with the idea of breath as thought.  Thought effects your tone. Close your mouth to focus on the in breath.

caroline goyder 2

There are moments in our lives when we need to speak, not for ourselves, but for others.  In those moments, is where these skills are most important.


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