Taking My Own Advice


Earlier this month, I blogged about How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over by ignoring your new ideas and the gut instinct to take action. Relationship and Life Coach, Mel Robbins says that if you do not take some action on the idea within the first 5 seconds, you never will.  You will effectively kill the idea.

I was at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America for my 5th (next to last) chemo infusion and was having lunch with my husband in between appointments.  I looked up and saw a woman walking away from a table. From behind, the only distinguishing characteristic was her short purple hair.  There’s only one person that I knew who was rocking that look currently:  Lisa Cannon.  Lisa is popular within the CTCA Facebook Community and within many circles, I’m sure. She has such a big sparkly personality and love of life. She shares her pain, happiness and hope with strangers everyday.  I was hoping to meet her one day and say “Thank You”.


So, I listened to my gut instinct telling me that it was in fact Lisa who was leaving the cafeteria. By the time I reached the hall leading from the cafeteria, she was near the end and would quickly leave my sight, so I took a breath and called out “Lisa…Lisa.” The lady with the purple hair turned around, looked at me, smiled and said “Sherry. It’s you!!”.  What happened next was magic.

I Met Lisa Cannon

So I am working on acting on the advice I share with you as well.  Putting it out there, helps to keep me accountable.  It definitely paid off this time.

Here’s Mel’s TEDTalk again.  Check it out.


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