45 Years

~Trust, Truth and Full Disclosure~

45 years cff2015

If there was ever a film that made you re-examine the foundation of your closest relationships, it is 45 Years. The movie is about the week leading up to a couple’s 45th wedding anniversary party. At the beginning of the week, the husband receives a letter from Germany saying that the body of a woman he knew 50 years ago was discovered in the ice.

Over the course of the week, the husband gradually shares more and more of the truth of his relationship with the deceased woman, Katya. Ultimately, his wife comes to view the last 45 years of her life through the filter of her husband’s former relationship. She realizes that the life she negotiated with him was based on a third-party she never met.

45 Years is a deeply disturbing and poignant film.  It reminds you that there are reasons for every decision we make, whether we are honest with ourselves or the ones in our lives, it’s still the same. The question is, how much are you willing to let your decisions impact others without telling them precisely why?  Are you willing to risk rejection, judgement or challenge by giving those around you the power of being informed? Finally, how many of your professional and personal negotiations come from a place of truth, trust and full disclosure?

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