A Shopping List to Help You Thrive After Breast Cancer Surgery


I’m especially fond of the photo above from songofstyle. When I was first diagnosed with my most recent occurrence of breast cancer, the image was much different.  It conveyed my feelings at the time of diagnosis.

black woman in sneakers walking sml

It was just two feet alone without the blooming flowers.  My future was in question then. Now I even though I’m only half-way through chemotherapy, I’m feeling optimistic.  But then, I was feeling that way my first day out of the hospital.  I was ready to get on with the job of healing.

Sherry - leaving hospital

I will share with you the tools and resources that helped me recover from surgery and continue to function at nearly normal capacity during chemo. Of course, there are times when I am down, and feel as if I am alone in my struggle.  Thankfully, those times are few.  I keep my mind occupied with work, friends, entertainment and plans.


Post Surgical Care

Drainage tubes are typically placed under the arms after breast surgery.  Particularly, if lymph nodes are removed.  I found great arm pillows on CureDiva.com which kept my arms from pressing against my sides.  This relieves pressure and also keeps the area cooler.  These are also great neck pillows.

arm pillows

CureDiva.com also offers garments which have pockets for the drainage bulbs you will have after surgery.  There’s other options you can arrange for yourself at home, but this is a great option.


You can also simply buy pouches which you can pin to any garment you wear.

drain pouch

The bed lounge was critical for me.  If left to my own devices, I would naturally turn on my side or stomach when sleeping.  With new incisions, this would have been damaging.  This bed lounger ensured that I stayed on my back.  It also allowed me to sleep upright, which was very helpful.

bed lounge

I placed my lounger on the couch right after surgery.  It enabled me to be closer to the bathroom and my couch was lower, which made it easier to get up and down from a resting position.


Someone invented this genius plastic jacket which keeps your torso dry in the shower.

shower shirt

I go to the doctor so often, that I’m considering investing in a personalized gown.  One that fits me properly and is not scratchy.


Chemotherapy drugs can cause inflammation which affects the myofascial membrane covering the muscles.  For me, this resulted in muscle tightness and spasms in my back.  The device below worked wonders.

Body Buddy

body buddy

This electronic pain therapy device works wonders as well by blocking the pain signals to the brain.


My skin never seems to stay hydrated enough on chemo, and when recovering from surgery, your range of motion may not allow you to reach behind your back.  The Body Buddy Lotion Application will help.

Body Buddy Lotion Applicator

body buddy lotion applicator

It is critical to maintain a body scrub routine when on chemotherapy.  It helps to reduce the itching.  The product below is meant to be used on dry skin to not only exfoliate but increase circulation.

Body Shop Mit and Back Strap


Below are some additional resources which can prove helpful.  I have not tried them all.

Hair or Scalp Care

  • CancerHairCare.com – This site offers great style ideas and information on hair and scalp care while undergoing treatment and what to expect when hair begins to grow back.
  • Hairsisters.com – This site offers great quality wigs at a good price.


Head Accessories

  • Curediva.com  has all kinds of head coverings, from scarves, to hats to turbans.  Some are endorsed by doctors as they are made of non-irritating, non-toxic and breathable materials.

curediva hair accessories

  • Amazon.com – I found some great hats on Amazon from Scala.  They are great quality and quite stylish.


That’s all for now.

Thanks for stopping by and as always, like and share the post.  My hope is that it proves useful to many recovery from surgery.


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  1. Looking MIGHTY good in that archery photo! 🙂

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