The Magic of Leadership

Sherry Clayton Works

Derren and his team

In a British TV documentary special, illusionist and hypnotist Derren Brown, builds a team of thieves from a group of retirees in London.  He teaches them to use their life skills and how they are seen or unseen by the public to accomplish the feat. Derren is known for using misdirection, distraction and hypnotism to accomplish sleight of hand tricks.

It was nice to see how some of the team was changed at the end. By having their unique talents, skills and life experiences put to use, they were reminded of their value.  Beyond the age of 60, they were still able to learn, grow and exceed expectations.

Derren and his team 2

This precious recognition also motivated them to push beyond their usual limits during the team and individual assignments. They practiced breaking minor laws and social conventions so that they would be familiar with the rush and not panic during the art robbery.

Derren and his team 3


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