You Can Choose Your Stress Response

“Everything can be taken from a man,” Viktor Frankl wrote in his timeless treatise on the human search for meaning, “but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Recently, I have started meditating and making efforts to be more of an observer of my behaviors and emotions. The intent is to give myself more control of my responses and a moment of time to think before I react.  It is difficult to be hijacked by your emotions when they are under constant observation. Notice I did not say judgement.

There is no need to judge yourself harshly for feeling the less desirable emotions – anger, jealousy, etc.  Just acknowledge what you are feeling, figure out why and let it go. This approach has helped me make it through some truly stressful situations.  An intensely stressful work environment, lay-off and cancer treatment. The key was to focus on one hurdle at a time and stay in touch with my body and emotions. I am still in the healing process but with my daily meditation practice, I feel that I am in control of the decisions I make and therefore, my future.

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