Lisa Nicholas: An Inspiring Story


Lisa Nichols went from being a single mom with less than $12 in her bank account and not being able to even afford diapers for her baby son, to becoming a speaker that has inspired millions of lives, and being one of only two African American women CEO/Founders to take their company public.

It’s probably one of the greatest stories of personal transformation you’ll ever hear about.

And this is what makes Lisa so special.

She does NOT shy away from sharing her most intimate stories in public.

In fact, she understands how to use them in a particular way to draw her audiences in, to stir their souls, and to inspire them to take action.

Just watch this amazing video of Lisa when she was interviewed on The Steve Harvey Show as an example, and you’ll understand why this interview went viral online with over 40 MILLION views and counting.

Lisa Nichols is offering a FREE Masterclass on Mindvalley Academy to learn more about how to use the power of your voice to inspire others. ¬†Well, I’m interested.

>Watch the 4-minute video here.


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