Write a To-Done List

A recent Fast Company article by Rachel Gillett offered three tips on creating a better to-do list.  1) Break projects into more manageable parts. 2) Tackle the task you hate first. 3) Write a to-done list. Tip #3 is the one which resonated… Read More ›

The Power of Self Talk

The power of self-talk should be self-evident to us all but we can always use reminding. Here’s a great reminder from Seth Godin: There’s no more important criticism than self criticism. There’s no amount of external validation that can undo… Read More ›

A Solid Foundation

By @fitqueenirene When you spend the time to build a solid foundation possibilities become endless. Impossibility is often a sign of impatience. Photo Credit:  From top to bottom – @Salila_Thuy, @nayitavp and @FitqueenIrene