Travel and Adventure


While working at Accenture in 2007, I launched a travel group for junior executives.  Our frist trip was to Montreal, Canada in September 2007.  Accompanying me on the trip were Linda Die, Jason Brown and Tina Hodge.   A great group of people who provided entertaining conversation and adventurous fun.  We also sampled french candian cuisine, cultural sights, street fairs, shopping and nightlife.   Read about the trip.


Shanika is Office Manager within the Treasury Department of Chicago Public Schools.  Her confidence and vivaciousness is readily apparent upon meeting her.  What you do not pick up on is her sense of adventure.  Earlier this year, I overheard her speaking about her annual sky diving trip and convinced her to share her experience with you.  The description of her motivation and the skydiving experience itself is fascinating.  My favorite quote of Shanika’s is “You have not lived until you have felt a cloud on your face.”

Read about Shanika’s sky diving experience.  Coming soon…


  I am a strong believer in individual accountability and collective action.  When not reading, working or blogging, I’m supporting my favorite charities: Teen Living Programs where I am a volunteer and Executive Board member and YWCA Chicago where I am an Associate Board Member. I am passionate about causes related to supporting youth, women and families. Particularly in the areas of education, social services and housing. I can be reached at if you would like to know more about my charities or the blog.


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  1. Really fun! You do know how to enjoy life, its offerings and blessings.

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