Growth Demands

By @ayamihiroshige “Growth demands a temporary surrender of security. It may mean giving up familiar but limiting patterns, safe but unrewarding work, values no longer believed in, and relationships that have lost their meaning.”   ~John C. Maxwell

Control or Resilience

I just completed part two of the Project Management Certification program at DePaul University.  Of the many processes involved in project management, risk management and quality management interest me most.  The idea of building in quality and creating contingency plans… Read More ›

Living Cage Free

  Some people live in cages with bars built from their own fears and doubts. Some people live in cages with bars built from other people’s fears and doubts; their parents, their friends, their brothers and sisters, their families. Some… Read More ›

You’re a Ghost

When you think about all the fears you have, big and small, they take on a new light when you consider your very existence has defied many odds.   Image Credit:   Pablo Escobar (@worldtravelingq).

Being Unapologetically You

~Part 4 in the Self-Deception Series~ ~ Are you brave enough to be unapologetically you? ~ Jeffree Star has a lot of titles and he wears them proudly on his skin (model, fashion designer, makeup artist, DJ, singer-songwriter artist and entrepreneur). Jeffree… Read More ›

Risk and Fear

Risk.  Some fear it, some welcome it. Most people will not be where they want to be in life for two reasons. It’s not lack of knowledge, it’s not dependent on resources, or having credentials, it’s a matter of will… Read More ›