Life Lessons

45 Years

~Trust, Truth and Full Disclosure~ If there was ever a film that made you re-examine the foundation of your closest relationships, it is 45 Years. The movie is about the week leading up to a couple’s 45th wedding anniversary party…. Read More ›

A Solid Foundation

By @fitqueenirene When you spend the time to build a solid foundation possibilities become endless. Impossibility is often a sign of impatience. Photo Credit:  From top to bottom – @Salila_Thuy, @nayitavp and @FitqueenIrene

Book List: Never Go Back

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew how to avoid common pitfalls to success? In Dr. Henry Cloud’s new book, “Never Go Back, 10 Things You’ll Never Do Again!”, he explains some of the key behaviors that are consistent amongst successful people. … Read More ›