Monday: Surprise

Michelle Obama Presenting at the Oscars There were several surprises during the 85th annual Oscar awards show.  Most monumental was when Michelle Obama appeared on camera from the White House to present the award for Best Motion Picture. She was positively radiant in her silver Naeem Khan… Read More ›

Monday: Argument

Last week was tough and because of the meetings on my schedule, this week is likely to be tougher.  This video reminds me of some recent conversations/arguments/debates/emails. At least this one is actually funny.  Be the level of frustration in… Read More ›

Monday: Motion

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to move more and to be more comfortable in my own body.  That’s why the video below is so inspiring.  Besides for the obvious, talent, strength and grace of the dancer, the director… Read More ›

Monday: Focus

Misty Copeland:  Soaring High on Success Misty is the first to admit that she is an unlikely ballerina. As she says, “I’m 5 feet 2, I started when I was 13, I’m black!  There’s so many things [odds against me] but I’ve made it happen.”  … Read More ›

Monday: Be Ready

When Dreams Come True I was inspired by this video.  A little girl who earned YouTube fame by covering Nicki Minaj’s single “Super Base” gets a chance to meet her idol on Ellen and sing the song.  Notice how she doesn’t… Read More ›

We are the World

Yesterday, I watched the movie Cloud Atlas for the second time.  The idea of re-incarnation, of being given unlimited chances to make better decisions is compelling.  If you are really open while watching this film, it will inspire you to… Read More ›

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A first for Lead.Learn.Live.  Rap Music.  This song is called “Gangnam Style” from South Korean Rapper Psy.  This video has been watch over 400,000,000 times on YouTube – the 9th most watched video clip…