Are You Batman or Robin?

The most recent At the Table dinner was very small.  Just three of us gathered at Fleming’s steakhouse in Chicago’s River North neighborhood to discuss career progression within the non-profit space.  Leading the conversation, was Sandee Kastrul, President and Co-Founder of ic…. Read More ›

Life Lessons: Breathe

Control Your Breath to Lessen Your Stress and Anxiety Meditation is not evasion; it is a serene encounter with reality.” ~Thích Nhất Hạnh It is common to hold our breaths when stressed. Just pay attention next time you are anxious or tense. Are… Read More ›

Life Lessons: Self-Worth

Never let anyone determine your self-worth  So much of our self-image is pieced together from the bits reflected by others: parents, siblings, friends, teachers and peers – even strangers. An ability to independently define your own identity and value requires… Read More ›

Lunch for 25

The Sartorialist In 2012, Scott Schuman, renown fashion blogger and photographer, officially launched his lunch event for stylish men from around the world:  Lunch for 25. I watched this video several times and each time I found something compelling amongst the interactions… Read More ›

TGIF: Goal in Sight

Earlier this year, I blogged about Charity Balance to encourage you to take a strategic approach to volunteering so that your time and energy is aligned to your charity activities.  I have not been so good about following my own advice over the… Read More ›

Contessa Gibson

Contessa Gibson is a Virtual Sales Executive with SmithBucklin where she advocates and drive revenues for her client organizations in their respective industries–a very unique role.  Although she is based in Chicago, Contessa has international clients and often travels to their annual events that she helps to… Read More ›